DACO HEAVY LIFT - New self-propelled hydraulic Trailer


In the process of completing and modernizing the fleet of hydraulic trailers and heavy duty prime movers DACO HEAVY LIFT has purchased a self-propelled GOLDHOFER trailer type PST/SL 6. This unit has a technical capacity of 45 tons per axle line and is driven hydraulically with a 500 HP powered special aggregate. With the PST/SL 6 DACO HEAVY LIFT is in the position to transport heavy lifts on steep slopes (it has already been used on roads with a gradient of 17 %) and to deliver them safely to jobsites in mountainous areas. The maneuverability of the self-propelled trailer allows DACO HEAVY LIFT to operate same in narrow areas of the jobsite and to give assistance in the erection and / or foundation delivery of heavy units.